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Working with a loader wagon is the quickest way to harvest your crops. Loader wagons can finely chop grass and they have a large loading capacity. The optimum loading of the wagon makes haulage as efficient as possible.

The Tigo S is a compact loader wagon series with a controlled feed unit, Lely provides the correct model for any operation with 3 (classic models) or 5 swing arms. The high performance chopping unit can be fitted with up to 33 knives, which are easy to replace. The low loader models with low centres of gravity and wide tracks appeal to users due to their safe operation on slopes and their low empty weight.

Lely Tigo S

The Tigo S range has a model suitable for all farms. This is due to there being a choice of four different sizes, single or tandem axles and foldable or rigid extension sides. The Tigo ST models have been especially developed for mountainous regions. Their ability to operate in such circumstances is due to the combination of wide track width and a low centre of gravity.

Optimum crop treatment

The swing arm feed unit of the Tigo S ensures optimal crop treatment. The kidney-shaped cam track steers the feed forks through the loading area, smoothly and crop-friendly. The double tines mounted on the feed forks remain in contact with the crop in an ideal angle until they are retracted again. The result: maximum filling of the wagon with carefull treated crop.

Unique gear drive

The feed unit is powered by a heavy duty gear drive. Its ability to absorb high loads ensures consistent and smooth running of the wagon. Each feed fork is mounted on two individual roller bearings. From the Lely Tigo 40 S model onwards all bearings have central lubrication as standard.

Perfect cutting quality

All Tigo S models can be fitted with a maximum of 33 knives arranged in two rows giving chop lengths down to 38 mm. The chop length can be adjusted via a lever which selects the required number of knives (0/5/17/21/33). The knife shape ensures an even cutting action. Each knife is protected against foreign objects and can be exchanged without the need for special tools. A blockage can be easily removed by pivoting the chopping unit (hydraulic actuation optional). For sharpening the chopping unit can be easily lowered and for more major maintenance jobs, the unit can be placed on special service wheels.

The only loader wagon with a camless pick-up

The new 1.80 m camless pick-up benefits from galvanizing ensuring protection from corrosive crop residues. The benefit of a camless pick-up is the vast reduction in moving parts meaning that the pick-up is maintenance free. The unit consists of five rows of spring tines which are positioned 54 mm apart to ensure unrivalled raking action giving even, gentle crop flow. The ability of the unit to float combined with its pneumatic pickup wheels ensures precise ground contour following.

Ergonomic controls for relaxed and safe operation

The main functions of the Tigo S are hydraulically controlled via spool valves which may be either cable or electromagnetic actuated.

  • Floor chain (standard).
  • Pick-up (standard).
  • Tail gate (standard).
  • Deflecting draw bar (option).
  • Superstructure (option).

Heavy duty floor chains for quick unloading

The floor chains, with their infinite speed control, operate almost without any noise. Two 10 mm chains, with a breaking strength of 12.5 tonnes each, and robust carriers ensure that the wagon is unloaded quickly and safely.

Lely Tigo ST

The Tigo ST has been specially designed for use on the steepest slopes. To cope with the special demands of alpine farmers the Tigo ST was designed. T stands for ‘Tieflader’ and refers to the especially low centre of gravity of this particular type of loader wagon.

Wide track width – low centre of gravity

Thanks to their low centre of gravity and 2,120 mm track width, the Tigo ST models are the ideal loader wagons to operate on steep slopes. Depending upon the model, the loading floor height is approximately 25 to 40 cm lower than a standard model, this ensures sufficient stability when working on extremely steep slopes.

Hydraulic hitch drawbar

For maintaining a level machine on uneven ground. Floor clearance up to 70 cm.

Hydraulic roughage superstructure

The superstructure can be folded directly from the tractor cab.

Top limiting cover

Secure retention even of short cut crops due to the top limiting cover.

Castor action pick-up guide wheels

For optimum control when turning: the castor action pick-up guide wheels relieve the strain on the pick-up.

Wind guard with short crop roller

For optimum fodder flow, even when operating at higher speeds.

Electromagnetic control

Direct switching of all functions from the tractor cab via a control box (load sensing possible!).

‘Wagon full’ alarm

A sensor on the tailgate reports ‘Wagon full’ via an alarm on the electrical control box.

Hydraulic chopping unit

The hydraulically lowered chopping unit ensures quick removal of fodder accumulation.

Lely Tigo 35 ST Classic

The single axle Tigo 35 ST Classic has a 3-swing arm feed unit. This is the ideal machine for small to medium-sized businesses – in particular for green fodder / zero grazing.

Lely Tigo 35 S

This high performance machine has a 5-swing arm feed unit and foldable roughage superstructure.

Lely Tigo 40 ST

The newly developed low loader models are well balanced due to their wide track width, thus allowing users to work safely, even on steep slopes.

Lely Tigo 40 S

This product will hold 24.5 DIN m3. The enclosed all-steel superstructure (optional) ensures excellent stability when used for silage.

Lely Tigo 50 ST

The newly developed low loader models are well balanced due to their wide track width, thus allowing users to work safely, even on steep slopes.

Lely Tigo 50 S

The largest in the Tigo S class with 29 DIN m3. Its loading volume and robust technology make this a particularly high output harvesting machine. It can be delivered either with a roughage superstructure or an all-steel superstructure.

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