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Model LG-10-EC - 10 Gallon Lawn & Garden Spot Sprayer



Your sprayer has been mostly assembled at the factory. The only requirement will be for you to hook up your battery leads to a fully charged 12 Volt battery. The red wire must be connected to the 'hot' lead, and the black wire should be connected to the ground.Your sprayer is equipped with (2) ON/OFF switches. One is on the wire assembly that you hook up to your battery, the other is on the pump itself, on the opposite end of the pressure switch. The '-' is the 'ON' position and the 'o' is the 'OFF' position for the switches. Make sure both switches are depressed in the '-' position for operation.In addition to the ON/OFF switch, the pump is equipped with an electronic pressure switch that is factory pre-set for it to shut off at 35 p.s.L This switch assembly is the 'square box' on the head portion of the pump.

Always fill the tank with a desired amount of water first, and then add the chemical slowly, mixing as you pour the chemical into the tank. You may use the handgun to spray into the solution in order to mix the chemical and water.Initially begin spraying by opening the handgun. This will enable the air in the line to be purged through the handgun tip, while building pressure.The pumping system draws solution from the tank, through the strainer/filter, and to the pump. The pump forces the solution under pressure to the handgun and/or boom nozzles.

  • 10 Gallon Corrosion Resistant Polyethylene Tanks Availabl
  • Lower Tank Profile For Improved Stability
  • Full Drain Out Capability With Molded In Drain Port, Cap & Tether
  • Large Pickup Sump
  • 5” Fill Lid With Tether
  • Molded Wand Clips
  • 12 Volt (Demand) Diaphragm
  • 1.0 G.P.M. High-Flo Pump
  • 35 P.S.I.
  • 18” Lever Handgun With Adjustable Pattern Tip W/ 15 Ft. Handgun Hose
  • Max. Horizontal Throw - 25 Ft.; Max Vertical Throw - 12 Ft.
  • Ready For Roundup

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