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The Loewen Honey-Vac System: Designed by loewen, engineered by loewen, manufactured by loewen, quality by loewen, proven to work by the dairyman, satisfaction guaranteed.

The Loewen Honey-Vac System:

  • Designed by Loewen
  • Engineered by Loewen
  • Manufactured by Loewen
  • Quality by Loewen
  • Proven to work by the Dairyman
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • One Honey Vac tank handles all my manure requirements, keeps the lanes clean,  transports it to the pit and hauls the manure from the pit to the fields in the spring
  • Went from 2 men all day down to 1 man for 2 hours to take care of the muk
  • Scrapes the manure from my lanes clean as a whistle in one pass
  • Now I don't have to deal with all the mess in the corrals
  • Since I got the Honey Vac we stopped using the flush
  • I got tired of the cows walking in 6 of manure
  • It even handles sand bedding

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