JAGODA JPS Agromachines

- Under Tree Mower


Under tree mower, LUCEK DUO is designed for mowing weeds in the rows of trees and shrubs. The use of the under-tree mower can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of herbicides in the production of the orchard. This reduces the cost of maintenance and facilitates organic farming.

  • The under tree mower is mounted on the three-point linkage from the front of the tractor and is driven by the tractor hydraulics.
  • In the mower with two rotors, the shift of one of the cutter to the side of the tractor is carried out by a hydraulic cylinder. Working element is a rotor with three blades, driven by a hydraulic motor by a transmission belt. Rotor cover protects trees and shrubs from damage and pivotally mounted a working unit allows mowing weeds between the trees.
  • Under tree LUCEK DUO versions:
    • 2 rotors on the right and left sides of the tractor
    • 1 rotor on the right side of the tractor
    • 1 rotor on the left side of the tractor
  • The mower can be additionally equipped with support wheels.