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Feed formulation for breeder with MASTER FORMULA= CEREAL (corn, wheat, etc.) +  MEAL (soybean, sunflower, etc.) + MASTER FORMULA.


  • Because of the Perfect  pre-mix, Do not have any mix problems
  • By increasing the feed value, provides balanced feed for animals
  • The content of feed is formulated according to the specific requirements of the animal growing phase that it provides a more healthy and balanced diet than the other feed ingredients and feed additives
  • Recover us from the Synthetic amino acids dependence (methionine lys to, etc.)
  • Due to contain all of the enzymes; no need to choose them separately
  • Not required to the protective such as (Salmonella inhibitor, toxin binding, anti-mold)
  • All premixes which used in this product are pures
  • According to the request; enable to the feed creation.
  • Due to contain qualified preservatives; provides feed hygiene too
  • It offers special feed option for the problematic animals
  • Allows to the continuation of the high yield levels which is Obtained;

There are two products under the MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Breeders headline

1. Brood Chick-Chicken feed
It used the first weeks until manual eggs.

2. Brood Layer Feed
It used between two periods (the manual eggs and end of the economic production periods)

MASTER FORMULA® 'S Benefits for Broiler Breeders Group:

  • Presents special food options for problematic animals
  • Increases hatchability and causes to obtain the chickens with the high vitality
  • Increases the Roosters long-term fertilization power

Feed Ingredients:

  • Cereals; corn, wheat, barley
  • Oilseed meals; soya, sunflower group
  • Bran-fat group
  • Marble dust-salt
  • MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Breeders

Usage Amount:

  • 25 Kg/TON

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