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Model 1013 - Bacozymex Full Layer


In terms of nutrition, the important and cost increasing factors are antinutritional factors in poultry feed. The digestive system of pourltry is not have any ability to digest the non-starch polysaccharides which are fixed in the plant cell walls and at the same time known as an energy source for avian species. It means the serious economical loss. These materials causes to deterioration of excreta, carcass quality in broiler and formation the large eggs in layer that, it means the serious yield loss. Poultry are always need to get some external enzyme supplements with high quality; ın this context, the bacomzymex full broiler is the suitable combination to provide poultry all enzyme reuirements. The enzymes that mainly used against to antinutritional factors are; Cellulase, xylanase, glucanase, amylase, phytase, protease.


By breaking the anti-nutritional structure; it makes digestible for poultry;

By decreasing the Intestinal viscosity increases the excreta quality;

By providing feed utilization ideally, decreases the feed intake;

It enables to the better growth and performance advantages;

Eliminates lubrication in poultry, if there, dissolves it quickly;

Reduces the wet fertilizer and poultry houses bad odors;

Increases the effect of Ca, phosphorus and all phytate connected components;

It has a positive effect on pellet quality;

By using the matrix values, reduces the feedstuffs costs and influences the performance positively;

It is effective over a wide pH range and it resistant to pelleting temperature;

It has no incompatibility with any raw material;

It is in the free-flowing powder form and has an ability to mix with the other raw materials easily;

Do not have any negative effect on humans, animals and on the environment.

The amount of use;

1 Kg/Ton in Layer feed


In 25 kg packets


It Should be stored in cool, dry and dark places.

Shelf life is 12 months..

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