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- Model CRD - Rotating Filter Plant



Uncompromisingly simple operation. Compact: 0,1 m2 filter area with 3 disks of 152 mm diameter, each. Flexible: Fully operational with 1 up to 3 filter disks, depending on requirements. Rotation: Adjustable between 100 – 1000 r. p. m. Filtration pressures (TMP): Adjustable up to 3,5 bars. 8 baffles for additional turbulence. Fully automatic and adjustable back flushing unit. Adjustable back flushing pressures. Perestaltic or pneumatic pump allows pressures (TMP) up to 5 bars. Logo-control-unit: Automatic control for all essential parameters. Complete internal hose system. Easy assembly / disassembly. Built-in receptacle for 5 L with lid. 220 V, 25 kg.

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