- Model 400 - Mounted Sprayers



Tank of 400 l capacity made of polythene, closed by a hermetic lid with an air vent.  Additional hand-washing tank of 15 l capacity. belka Field boom of width 10 m with height regulation by means of crab winch, divided into 5 sections, after hitting an obstacle it leans backwards and forwards protecting nozzles and nozzleholders from damage . Oprawa Single nozzleholders KRUKOWIAK with anti-drip valves placed on the acidproof tube every 50 cm . TeeJet TT 110-03 slotted nozzles

  • 2-section pump of Italian company COMET - BP 60 - assures proper efficiency and traingular structure of the heads and air chamber eliminate fluid pulsation
  • 6-section control valve ARAG withou pressure compenastion (5 sections for the field boom and one for powering upper mixer)
  • Glyceric manometer with scale every 0,1 bar in the range 0 - 5 bar
  • Upper mixer placed in the gate sieve under the lid
  • ARAG injector stirrer led directly from the pump, maintains the same level of working liquid concentration
  • Three levels of filtration outside the gate sieve: suction filter and self-cleaning filter at the control valve and filters in the nozzleholders. Cartridges of the suction and self-cleaning filters are made of stainless steel
  • Articulated-telescopic shaft
  • Powder painting of the whole steel construction of the machine assures perfect protection against corrosion

  • Italian ARAG valve with pressure compensation, where shutting off of one or few sections does not cause pressure drop (growth) on the other sections
  • Electric control work/overflow
  • Electric control work/overflow and pressure regulation
  • Electric control of pressure and sections of the sprayer
  • Lightning instalation
  • Transport wheels of the sprayer
  • Section filters (5 sections)
  • ARAG foam marker (+10 l of foam marker concentrate)
  • ARAG Bravo 300 S computer
  • ARAG Bravo 180 S computer (5 liquid sections)

  • Tank capacity (l) 400
  • Tank type  polythene
  • System-washing tank no
  • Hand-washing tank yes
  • Working width (m) 10
  • Boom stabilization lack
  • Boom description spreaded manually, mechanical lifting, 5 sections
  • Nozzles TT with a wide stream
  • Range of boom lifting (m) 0,5-1,7
  • Pump Comet BP 60
  • Pump efficiency (l/min) 60
  • Valve Arag 6-sections, manual without pressure compensation
  • Working speed (km/h) 3-10
  • Liquid dosage (l/ha) up to 800
  • Efficiency (ha/h) 3-6
  • Weight (kg) 190
  • Power demand (HP) 28
  • Nozzleheads single, with anti-drip valve
  • Lightning installation  option


  • Length (m) 0,97
  • Width (m) 2,12
  • Height (m) 1,78

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