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Specialty Sales Inc.

Orchard and Greenhouse


Orchard and greenhouse projects include this products: Clear Braided PVC, PVC Chemical Spray hose, EPDM Rubber and Water Suction and Discharge hose, EPDM Air and Water hose, Green and Clear PVC Suction hose, PVC Lay flat discharge hose, Fertilizer Solution Hose, Polyethylene and Nylon tubing, Clear PVC Sight Gauge tubing, Cam & Groove couplings in materials from Ny-Glass to Poly-Glass to Aluminum to Stainless Steel, Cam Lock gaskets, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings and Pipe nipples, John Guest Push-in fittings (Gray Acetal/White Polypropylene), Ferrules, Brass Pipe fittings, Hose barbs, Nylon and Polypropylene Pipe fittings and Hose barbs, Stainless Steel Hose barbs and Combination nipples.

  • Schedule 80 Polypropylene Pipe fittings and Hose barbs
  • Spears PVC Pipe fittings, Pipe nipples, Ball valves, Insert fittings, Flanges and Schedule 80 Pipe
  • Fast-Lok Punch clamps
  • Ideal/Tridon Worm Gear Screw hose clamps
  • Oetiker Pinch hose clamps
  • Plastic pinch hose clamps
  • Cable Ties
  • T-Bolt hose clamps
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valves
  • Brass Ball valves
  • Molded in place PVC Ball and Check valves
  • John Guest Ball and Check valves
  • Polypropylene Ball valves
  • PVC, Nylon, filled Polypropylene small diameter Ball and Check valves
  • In-Line Strainers and Y-Strainers
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Teflon Tape
  • Hose Cutters

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