- Model 3 A - Sub Soiler



From all processes and operations in the technological complex of cultivation of agricultural crops the sub soiling has the biggest and most direct impact on soil's water control. By amending the texture and the structure of the soil, the processing creates different conditions for accommodating and retaining water from rainfalls, for its flowing down the surface or penetrating in depth, for its evaporating or storage, i.e. for increasing or decreasing the efficient moisture in the soil

The sub soiler is farm equipment that is able to restore the structure of the soil through compact loosening and draining of the soil layer.

The benefits from processing the areas with sub soilers are:

  • Deep loosening to the hardpan ground since the processing is carried out not by cutting the soil, but by using and preserving its natural porous structure;
  • Loosening, crushing and leveling of the soil layer by one operation;
  • The technology for agricultural production recommends in 4-5 years or for 20-25% of the arable land to be performed sub soiling at about 50 cm in order to be demolished the existing hardpan ground. This is a processing that improves the condition of the soil, its moisture storage and retaining.

The sub soiler is offered with operational width from 2 m to 6 m, and is attached to tractors with power from 150 hp to 500 hp. The operational depth of the equipment is up to 550 mm.
Every operational body is provided with protection of the blade.

The shape of the operational body leaves no hardpan ground in the soil layer and provides the necessary air flow for the vital processes.
Devices that allow trimming the roots of weeds and other crops are side-mounted to the working body.

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