- Model 1000 Gallon - Single Axle Trailer Sprayer


This same frame will handle 1000, 1250 or 1500 gallon tanks. Unit as priced has: 90' Ser III boom 20' spacing on 1' poly pipe. Plumbed in 3 sections. 12.4x38 8 Ply armor Bias tires. 5 section electric over hydraulic control, seperate wing tilt, open and fold together, centre lift. 80 Gallon tank rinse system. Chemical Eductor, aprox. 1 gal. per second of suction. Safety Chains 3/8' grade 70. 7000 lb. tongue jack. 16' hindged and locking lid on main tank. 30' boom lift. PTO driven Hypro Centrifugal  pump (111 GPM @ 50PSI, 540 RPM).

  • Injection Foam Marker (1 gallon Foam tank & sucks from rinse tank)
  • Micro Trak  MT3405-FII with GPS speed sensor and Valve manifold
  • 8 bolt 12000 lb hubs (24000 lb. axle)
  • Rugged Structural tube axle is adjustable in width from 60' to 80'. Widths of 90' to 120' available on factory order.
  • Standard tire size is 12.4Lx38 10 ply
  • Rugged undercarriage design to allow tongue to be directly coupled to axle for maximum strength.
  • Adjustable cast hitch
  • Deluxe work platform including handrail, convenience step and tool box.
  • Uses standard North American size fittings and components from Banjo, Teejet and Hypro.

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