- Ranulph Fiennes Ranger Trailer



The ‘Ranulph Fiennes’ Ranger is Paxtons flagship trailer,  offering all the benefits of a galvanised Countryman trailer with the added advantage of a high rear ramp as well as a cage; the ‘Ranulph Fiennes’ Ranger really does provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Not only will you have bags of space to move items around but now the ease of access associated with the benefits of a galvanised ramped door. No longer will you need to break your back by trying to awkwardly load vehicles directly onto the galvanised trailer bed, simply lower the galvanised ramp and wheel them on.

Like the Countryman, this galvanised utility caged and ramped trailer also has a front hinged galvanised door that provides alternative access to the trailer and can be left open to allow for the transport of over-hanging loads.

A heavy duty galvanised ‘A’ frame with safety chain ensures that this high quality utility caged and ramped trailer can be towed with complete confidence.

With a range of sizes including 6ft x 4ft, 7ft x 4ft, 7ft x 5ft and 8ft x 5ft, this fantastic galvanised utility caged and ramped trailer is available in size options to meet most domestic and commercial needs.

With a solid galvanised steel frame and galvanised chassis, no task is too big for this robust piece of equipment. The overall galvanised finish ensures that it can easily withstand the elements and can be stored outside without fear of rusting

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