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Model RLM - 3 Point Linkage Mounted Rapid Lift


RLM is a 3 point linkage mounted low disturbance loosening toolbar for use as both a standalone machine or for coupling to a trailed implement such as a press or cultivator drill. Available in working widths of 3 and 4 metres, the RLM can offer low disturbance soil loosening capable of working to a maximum depth of 300mm, yet with little or no inversion of soil layers. The unique design of the RLM is such that the toolbar can be raised and lowered from work whilst not affecting the towing height of the implement trailed from the rear hitch. The RLM has as standard a hydraulically raised and lowered toolbar meaning not only can low disturbance loosening be utilised whenever required, but can also be operated steplessly at varying depths whilst ‘on the go’ across the field. When coupled with the existing tools on a following cultivator drill or press, makes for a very flexible system designed to create the ideal seedbed in one pass.

RLM HD for Controlled Traffic Farming or wheel track eradication

RLM is also available in a Controlled Traffic Farming version (CTF) where it is required for removing wheel tracks when used in combination with a trailed implement. The RLM HD for CTF features a heavy duty chassis suitable for tractors up to 650hp, as well as a choice of rear towing hitch. It is designed to tow a variety of trailed implements up to a working width of 12 metres.

Standard features:

  • 500mm leg spacing
  • shear bolt or hydraulic auto reset models available (auto reset standard on HD)
  • High grade steel used throughout
  • ‘Clip on’ depth control
  • Hydraulic quick release bulkhead couplings & 7 pin socket
  • Cat 3 standard RLM, CAT 3/4 RLM CTF
  • Choice of rear towing clevis with 45mm pin

  • Depth wheels
  • Electro Hydraulic Diverter Valve (to double up an existing hydraulic service)
  • Choice of rear towing hitch (Scharmuller K80 recommended for RLM HD)
  • Front disc for RLM HD
  • Independent leg raise and lower
  • Additional leg assemblies
  • Swivel legs
  • Hydraulic auto reset legs
  • Double acting hydraulic services
  • SOYL Auto Depth System available for continuously variable depth control from a pre-determined
    GPS treatment plan

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