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The Rotary Tiller is after harvesting of every crop, the land has to be sowed for the next crop to be planted. For this, Rotary Tiller is a must to Every Farmer in order to save, Fuel cost, Time and energy. It can be used in wet and dry land. An ideal implement for uprooting the sugarcane stubbles. Chops and mixes the roots into the soil and make it as manure to the soil.

  • The Rotary Tiller is a 3 in 1 implement used to for the purpose of land preparation in the agriculture fields. It ploughs, pulverizes and levels the soil in one operation there by preparing the seed bed in one shot.
  • Various models of Rotary tillers are available to suit the customer requirement interms of the Tractor Horse Power and various soil conditions around the county.
  • The FL series are light duty segments, which is mainly used for wet cultivation and for small Horse Power Tractors starting from 35 HP. The Heavy Duty is mainly used for Tough soil condition and for Higher Horse power Tractors.
  • Both Light duty and Heavy duty Rotary Tillers has the option of Multi speed gearbox. This will enable the customer to interchange the gears to increase or decrease the speed of the rotor depending on the soil conditions and usages.
  • These Rotary Tillers are designed carefully to avoid any breakages in running and has been designed with correct and required weight of the machine to ensure no overload to the Tractor. Unwanted increase in the weight of the machine is completely avoided so that the consumption of Diesel is minimized.
  • All the Rotary Tiller are designed to use both in wet and dry cultivation.

  • An ideal implement foe removing sugarcane stubbles in the fields. it cuts, chops and mixes back in to the soil thereby
  • building the humus content of the soil. (oranganic matter)
  • Best for weeding operation as it chops the grass, unwanted plants in the fields and mixes for certain period and
  • enriches your soil.
  • Used in paddy fields for wet puddling.
  • It is best for trampling sunhemp and other green manure plants / crops.
  • It can be used in both wet and dry cultivation.

  • Specially designed housing avoids water and mud entering the housing with the help of 'O'  ring.
  • The depth skid arrangement allows you to adjust the tilling depth of the soil.
  • It opens the soil upto 6 inches deep. The specially made chains for the rotary tiller absorbs the shock when the blade
  • hits the soil thereby saving the implement as the tracker.
  • Supplied with heavy duty important pto shaft and blades.
  • The shear bolt arrangement in the pto shaft acts as a fuse when the implement encounters overload or when the
  • implement encounters bounders in the soil.

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