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Aggregate storage silos are a great solution to projects that require economical, space saving storage for earthen products. Aggregate silos can be used as a cost-effective solution for storage of material for concrete batch plants, ore for mines, or as a simple solution for sand and rock storage where space is at a premium.

Aggregate silos can be assembled on-site for a construction project and then dismantled and relocated when the job is done. Silos are available in both an open top model or with a roof to keep material dry, and are available in many different sizes to meet the needs of your construction project. Whatever your material storage needs, SCAFCO can provide a cost-effective, robust and simple-to-use solution.

All aggregate storage silo wall sheets are high- strength, 8 gauge, corrugated, galvanized steel. The silos are externally stiffened for extra strength and have a wind ring near the top to maintain stiffness around the open top.

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