- Model MS725/ MS875/ MS1050 - Multi-Screw Mixers



That has been the foundation of Schuler Mfg. since we began manufacturing cattle feeding equipment in 1964. Located in the heartland of  America, our goal has always been to earn our customers’ business by delivering equipment that is built with pride and value.

That’s why we were one of the last mixer companies on the market to introduce our MS725, MS875 and MS1050 Multi-Screw Mixers. While other companies joined together two single screw vertical mixers and called it a twin-screw “mixer”, we wanted to design and build a better, improved multi-screw mixer with the multiple mechanical means to FORCE exchange of feedstuffs between the mixers. Even though single screw mixers can be designed to mix well, two single screw mixers mounted to a common floor plate, sharing an open end between them, still act as two independent single screw mixers. The Schuler MS725, MS875 and MS1050 multi-screw mixers aren’t just improved over other twin screw mixers, they incorporated a basic mixing science that works better and adds more value to a multi-screw mixer!

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