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- Model Sci-Prep CYTO 56/84 - Robotic Cell Harvester



The Sci-Prep Cyto 56/84 is an automated sample preparation system of specimens for chromosome analysis. It is designed to automate media removal and the cycles of hypotonic, prefix and fixative addition and removal. The SciPrep-Cyto instruments offer a user-friendly, configurable system, allowing for automation of most sample preparation protocols. The automation of in situ culture and harvest methods was co-developed several years ago by Tecan U.S. and Mayo Clinic (Spurbeck et al., 1988). This process has proven to be a robust and reproducible method for reducing the costs associated with high quality sample preparation. The Scinomix SciPrep – Cyto 84 and SciPrep – Cyto 56 robotic sample processors are based on the same principles as the original Tecan instruments.

Benefits of Robotic Cell Harvester

  • This automation procedure has proven to be successful for over ten years
  • Used in many cytogenetics laboratories around the world
  • User friendly software always allows the user to see which step is being performed in which position
  • We offer a range of support and PM services for the Sci-Prep-Cyto instruments and Tecan MiniPrep-Cyto instruments

Features of Robotic Cell Harvester

  • Patented triple nozzle allows for gentle dispenses and aspiration of solutions without disruption of specimens
  • Deck holds a total of 56 or 84 samples
  • Repeatable reagent exchange

Operating Requirements and Dimensions

  • RS232 interface
  • Power: 110-230 VAC
  • SCI-PREP Cyto 56: 30 in h x 25 in w x 28 in d
  • SCI-PREP Cyto 84: 30 in h x 35 in w x 26 in d

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