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Serie Light-Range Trailers


Automatic door on bin-type trailers (except on P3n and P45n models). Extractable manual foot (except on P3n and P45n models). Spring suspension on al the models with 2 axles and IPK) (I axle). Dumpers with central cylinders. Conical box on bin-type trailers (PT-B and P-8 models). Folded box on bin-type trailers (rest of the models). Structural tube upper and lower chassis. Lock system with central bars on modular trailers (from I-P8). Handle lock system on modular trailers on P3n. P45 and IP7 models. Adjustable sprung drawbar. Oven baked finish paint applied after metallic grit blasting. 2 positions door on modular trailers (p3n. P45n and IP7). Modular support for revolving axle on models P75 and P8. Boggie sprung drawbar on models PT7 and PT8. Trap door from IP8 model.

  • Hydraulic door on bin-type trailers on models PT8 and PS.
  • Hydraulic foot with manual pump.
  • Back manual feet on models PT7 and PT8,
  • Arches and different type of canvas,
  • Sprung drawbars for models with I axle.
  • Tool box and water deposit,
  • Slide and rubber for liquids (on bin-type trailers).
  • Curved axles on models P75 and PS.
  • Air brakes or mixed brakes.
  • Hooks for tying.
  • Tap or valve 3 inches on bin-type trailers,
  • E-POXI alimentary paint inside on bin-type trailers,
  • 3 positions back door on modular trailers.
  • Trap door on models P3n, P45n and IP7.

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