- Smart and Connected Cow Mattress



The Smart Mat combines the comfort of a mattress, communication intelligence and captors for numerous functions to achieve better herd management.

The Smart Mat® allows detection in and analysis of the housing environment to determine the bedding area, the duration/frequency of rest phases, visitation of free stalls and the weight of cows.

The Smart Vibra Mat® includes a vibration system that «teaches» each cow to stand up individually, by group or by lot. It can also be used to gently stimulate the cow generating a physiological response such as improved blood circulation. This can be important and a beneficial factor as a cow needs over 300 liters of blood to produce 1 liter of milk.

Abnormal or unusual resting time can be a symptom of illness, hoof problems or heat. The farmer receives an alarm on his computer, pad or smartphone. He can then make a diagnosis and take an appropriate decision.

The study of animal behavior and communication being just a first step, the Smart Mat® will allow the research centers and/or livestock institutes to lead more exhaustive studies and to improve knowledge of animal intelligence.

  • Improve surveillance.
  • Individual recognition.
  • Measurement of resting time.
  • Communication/Stimulation through vibration

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