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Full function 90 degree sweep for smaller setup areas and smaller herds. Welded C-style hookups with drop pins throughout the system. Fully reversible. Comes with two 10′ alley panels. Easily attaches to any Tarter chute or palpation cage with two attachment rods. Regular Tarter economy or heavy-duty corrals can also connect to tub entry or alley exit. No tools required for setup unless sweep latch is reversed. Available in unsheeted only. Fully set up dimensions measure 21′ x 11′. Features our superior, industry exclusive E-coat finish

Product Specs

90 Degree Sweep Tub
Item#: 90ST
Height: 88″
Approx. Weight: 586 lbs.
Width: 132″
Length: 252″

Value Straight Panel 10′
Item#: VSAP10
Height: 63-1/4″
Approx. Weight: 79 lbs.
Width: 2-1/8″
Length: 122-1/2″

Value Sweep Gate & Arch
Item#: VSGA
Height: 87-1/4″
Approx. Weight: 170 lbs.
Width: 8-1/4″
Length: 130-1/2″

Value Curved Sweep Panel 8′
Item#: VCSP
Height: 63-1/4″
Approx. Weight: 68 lbs
Width: 9″
Length: 95″

Value Straight 10′ Panel w/Arch
Item#: VSAPA10
Height: 77″
Approx. Weight: 88 lbs.
Width: 5-1/4″
Length: 127″

Value Flat Stock Radius Bar
Item#: VFSRB
Approx. Weight: 34 lbs.
Width: 2-1/2″
Length: 127″

Value 2-Way Arch
Item#: V2WA
Height 77 1/4″
Approx. Weight:  30 lbs
Width: 5 1/4″
Length: 34″

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