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Requirements for pig breeding and creating optimal conditions have fundamentally changed. Without new technologies and approaches it is not possible to guarantee a high efficiency of pig breeding. Modern farms for pig breeding have complex hi-tech technology. To achieve the complex work balance it is necessary to have not only the appropriate technology, but a team of specialists at the highest level with a lot of experience - architects, builders, animal breeders, feeding and genetic specialists, electrical engineering expertise and other professions.

Bauer Technics fulfils the above requirements and thanks to this have successfully realised a number of projects such as reconstruction of farms and stables, as well as the construction of new 'Greenfield site' farms not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.  Regarding the high level and efficiency of a farm is very often decided by solutions of the smallest detail.
The professional approach of BAUER TECHNICS has always guaranteed the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Feeds storage – silos, weighting systems of silos
  • Slurry systems including application, processing and composting
  • Feeding systems and lines, feeders (liquid and dry feed)
  • Constructions of stables
  • Electronic feeding stations for sows, and for the fattening of pigs
  • Camera’s systems
  • Penning systems (boxes)
  • Laboratories
  • Ventilation and monitoring systems
  • Stocks of wet corn
  • Ventilation control systems
  • Incinerators, crematories
  • Heating and microclimate cooling systems
  • Feedmill

The design of functional and effective pig farm requires significant experience and a team of experts in various fields. Together with the customer we can select the optimal technological solution that creates the basic criteria for volume solutions of farms and partial stables.

  • landscape conditions – farm placement (hygienic zone, nature conservation, distance from residencies),
  • animal breeding – hygienic farm solution,
  • farm zoning, road and driveway solutions,
  • using herd turnover systems,
  • stabling method of individual pig categories,
  • ventilation systems, heating and cooling systems,
  • feeding systems,
  • solutions for application of storing slurry.

On technological design is applied to suitable engineering constructions and external cladding, corresponding to climatic conditions, number of animals and other important criteria.

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