- Model SE/SX Series - Seed Drills



With the metering being driven by both wheels on the drill, there is excellent seed rate precision in all drilling conditions, even on headlands or uneven ground.The monobloc hopper is sitting on this twin beam frame. This design makes the TRAMLINE particularly strong and prepares them for intensive drilling operations. It is also a guarantee of long life and resale value.

  • Cat. II coupling
  • Metering driven by both drill wheels
  • Row-by-row peg-wheel metering (from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha)
  • Hopper base with separating baffles
  • Continually rotating variator with freewheel security
  • Rate calibration trays with emptying hatches
  • Waterproof lid with assisted opening
  • Mechanical seed level indicator
  • Large diameter wheels (Ø 722 ; L164 on 3 m, Ø 760 ; L264 on 4 m)
  • Wheel scrapers
  • Tramline visual indicator
  • Manual split-drive for ½ drill work (LH)
  • Increased pressure behind drill wheels
  • Loading platform (300 mm)

  • Following harrow with straight or levelling tines
  • centreline markers with security (1 SA) not vertically folding (on TRAMLINE SE only)
  • vertically folding centreline markers (1 SA) with double security
  • manual tramline controls with cables
  • manual tramline controls with electrics
  • electronic tramline controls MEDION
  • electronic tramline controls ULTRON MS
  • electronic tramline controls VISION SPB (TRAMLINE SX)
  • full road lighting
  • mechanical hectaremeter
  • tramlining 2 x 3 rows
  • rear pre-emergence tramlining discs
  • tractor track eradicators
  • hopper extension
  • hydraulic depth control and modulation
  • floating linkage
  • anti-compaction baffle (standard on TRAMLINE SX)
  • consolidation wheels
  • tramlining controls without markers

Unisoc or Unidisc: a top of the range drilling system
Thanks to the springs placed overhead on the Unidisc, this strong double effect device offers many advantages :
pressure application onto the drilling elements up to 30 kg with the UNIDISC or up to 20 kg with the UNISOC (springs compressed);
pressure relief of the drilling elements for light drilling (springs released);
extreme vertical clearance to get over plant trash;
possibility of fitting the SULKY consolidation wheels on the toolbar.

Accuracy from the SULKY peg-wheel metering
Thanks to the SULKY know-how and the use of strong components, this peg-wheel metering provides many advantages :
rate precision from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha
versatility from Rape to Beans
rate calibration easy and quick, with the drill on the ground
total hopper emptying thanks to the separating baffles at the hopper base
High capacity restyled hoppers
With particularly wide opening, the TRAMLINE hoppers are low and easy to fill. The lid is both dust and waterproof and can be easily opened with assistance from the air struts. Thanks to a system of anti-shock cast-iron corners on the extensions, the TRAMLINE capacities can be increased to suit farms and available horsepower.

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