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Two-row Reaper Binder


EMAIL: WEBSITE: Whatspp:+86 15038394010 With more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing the reaper binder and high reputation from our customers around the world, we supply the excellent two-row reaper binder to cutting and bundling the low stem crops like wheat, rice, barley and oats, etc grown in small fields, plains, hills, slopes and mountain areas or the areas not available for the general reaper binder machine.


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Two-row Reaper Binder Main Features

1. Multi-functional: can be used for many kinds of low stem crops;
2. High adaptation: suitable for many different kinds of land forms, such as hills, slops, mountains, etc;
3. High flexibility, compact structure and small volume: easy to operate in the fields;
4. Adjustable steer control handle bar with adjustment to up and down, left and right (around 180°, vertical 30°): more flexible to be handled in different environments;
5. Shaft-driving system: more stable and safe working condition;
6. High reliability and low fuel consumption: more than 90% reliability and less than 8 kg fuel per hm2;
7. Using advanced technology makes the grain binder good threshing ability and low loss rate, less than 1%;
8. The bundling size and tightness can be regulated as required;
9. Some machine accessories are attached to present.

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