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- Center Belt Community Nest


VAL-CO Community Nests are high quality, water-resistant nests that can be easily assembled and are very hen friendly,  leading to a minimum of floor eggs. The gentle expeller, nest pads with holes, and nest bottom that slopes gently to the centre belt, ensure hens don’t brood in the nest or go out of production while providing clean, high quality eggs.

  • Designed for quick assembly
  • High-rise or floor mounted, with multiple leg lengths available
  • Use of washable PVC foam board for tops and partitions
    • Low noise environment creates superior laying conditions
    • Easy to clean, unfriendly to bacteria & mites
  • Perforated mats enhance egg cleanliness
  • Long-lasting Galvanized wire components

To make cleaning even simpler, VAL-CO® offers Winchable Slats, saving labour time and minimizing damage to slats from disassembly and reassembly.


The open slat design on top and front promotes greater airflow, yielding drier, higher quality manure while the slats are in use. At clean-out, simply raise the slats out of the way with the included winching and producers have easy access to the manure below – no disassembly required!

Our new wear resistant, rugged, polypropylene poultry slat is now available with either the galvanized metal frame, the fiberglass rail support system, or can be used on a wood frame without doubling the joists. The slip resistant surface with 1” x 1 5/8” openings cuts cleaning time and will improve your biosecurity since it will not harbour bacteria.

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