- Self Propelled Full Row Harvester


'VICTOR' harvester is a specialized self-propelled harvester of first choice for professional harvesting of currants, aronia, gooseberies, wild roses, saskatoons, haskap and other soft berry fruits. . The harvester is suitable for plantations of area from 30-40 hectares to several hundred hectares. It is available in CLASSIC design and PREMIUM and in a different versions. The technology of collecting fruit with WEREMCZUK brand harvester is based on a V-SHAPE SHAKING SYSTEM. Rw dividers divide each bush row into halves and guides it into shaking unit. Fruits fall on the conveyor passes through the cleaning unit and after that they can be harvestet into small boxes or large 500 kg boxes. In standard version, the boxes are unloaded from working platform with a forklift but they can also be pushed down by the use of rollers or lowered to the ground by the use of hydraulic lifts.They can also be collected into containersmoving on a platforms in a row next to it.

First models of the harvester were introduced to the market more that 20 years ago and won approval of the users. The approval of the users is confirmed by the awards received by the harvester.

After 20 years we can say that our harvester is well-known and esteemed by berry and aronia growers all over the world for its quick and efficient operation, perfect quality of harvested fruits and technological and design solutions employed in the machine that make it possible to adapt the harvester to requirements of each plantation. Currant harvesting on the largest plantations in the world, that are located in Poland, is carried out only by VICTOR harvesters.


    fruit collection into small boxes or two 500kg (1,100 lbs) boxes on each side platform
    fruit collection into small boxes or three 500 kg (1,100 lbs) boxes on each of the two platforms,
    fruit collection into 500 kg (1,100 lbs) boxes or others containers, transported along the side row

    fruit collection into (500 kg) 1,100 lbs boxrs, continous unloading during harvest.

Type of harvester: self-propelled full-row harvester
Number of rows harvested:    1
Harvesting accuracy approximately: 98%
Output 0.3 – 0.6 hectare/hour
Drives of the working units: hydraulic
Drives for driving units: hydraulic
Road driving speed 0 –25 km/h
Work driving speed 0 -2 km/h
Engine: Diesel

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