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Virkon Aquatic is a concentrated powder that when mixed with water, forms a powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution with proven efficacy against fish viruses including ISA, IPN, Rhabdovirus (IHN, VHS, SVC) bacteria, fungi, and molds.  Virkon Aquatic is approved for the disinfection of environmental surfaces associated with aquaculture including vehicles, nets, boots, waders, dive suits, hoses, brushes and other similar equipment. Virkon Aquatic is fast acting and fragrance free which makes it ideal for use in disinfecting foot baths.

With an exceptional safety profile, Virkon® Aquatic is the ultimate disinfectant for aquatic applications.  It has been independently proven to be highly effective against significant aquatic pathogens and is in use around the world for this purpose. It is considered by many experts to be the best choice for aquatic facility disinfection.  It is currently in use at fish hatcheries, aquaculture facilities, research laboratories, zoos and aquariums.

Do you find that people sometimes step over, or around, your iodine or chlorine filled disinfecting foot baths?

 What is the difference between Virkon® Aquatic and Virkon®-S in the USA?

  • According to a statement from DuPont™, Virkon® Aquatic has a formulation based on the same active ingredient as Virkon® -S but with inert ingredients which are designed for use in aquatic applications. The label for Virkon® Aquatic contains expanded aquaculture claims and applications and is Health Canada approved for use in aquaculture.  Virkon®-S will no longer carry an approval for aquaculture claims.  View the attachment provided by DuPont™ 'How Virkon® Aquatic differs from Virkon®-S' for more details.

 What concentration of Virkon® Aquatic should I use? 

 How long does Virkon® Aquatic solution remain active?

  • Virkon® Aquatic solutions will gradually loose activity over time. The Virkon® Aquatic label states that solutions are stable for at least 7 days while some fish hatchery staff are reporting activity lasting for up to 2-3 weeks. Actual solution life will vary and is reduced by exposure to organics and UV light.  Virkon® Test Strips are an effective and convenient tool for ensuring that Virkon® solutions are maintained at the desired strength.

Virkon® Aquatic is an important component of any Biosecurity program.

Virkon® Aquatic has been available in Canada since December 2006 and it is increasingly becoming the disinfectant of choice for use at fish hatcheries, aquaculture facilities, research laboratories, public aquariums and zoos. There are many disinfectants that kill pathogens but there are few that are specifically designed for, and Health Canada approved for use in aquaculture.  The Virkon® Aquatic label (see label attachment) is extensive and specifically addresses the approved uses for aquaculture. The use of other disinfectants (such as those designed for hospitals or agriculture facilities) may not be the best choice for aquaculture facilities and in some cases may actually violate provincial or federal regulations.

Virkon® Aquatic is Health Canada approved.  DIN 02276356

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