- Model UR20-1COM-SAI-PRO - Gateway Module



Automation of production systems with multiple protection classes u-remote allows for an integrated signal connection in IP20 and IP67. The growing decentralisation in automation requires more and more flexible solutions. The signal connection is established close to the sensors and actuators, meaning that fewer lines are required and less wiring work needs to be carried out. However, as it is not usually possible to establish pure IP67 connections, IP20 systems are still needed to be integrated.

With u-remote, you can now establish both IP20 and IP67 signal connections within a single I/O system. The innovative gateway module that allows for the direct connection of up to 15 I/O modules in the field means that separate and expensive IP67 fieldbus components become redundant. This tangibly increases the flexibility of your automation solutions whilst simultaneously reducing the associated costs.

This innovative solution with u-remote simplifies your system configuration, guarantees complete data integrity and provides a simple solution to the problem of signal connection in applications with different protection classes. And not only that, but you will also benefit from the extended diagnostic functions provided by u-remote.

Fieldbus-independent and easy to migrate

The direct connection of the IP67 I/Os to the IP20 system means that your automation solution can be used with an extremely wide range of different fieldbuses. When you change the IP20 coupler, the IP67 connection is automatically migrated to the new fieldbus.

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