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High resistance steel chassis designed for intensive use. Designed for a three dimensional tank maintaining for excellent rigidity of the assembly. 3 point hitching, Cat II for 800, 1000 and 1200 litre versions and Cat III for 1500 litre version. Automatic hitching for 1500 litre version. Light compact and resistant tanks, rotomoulded with high density polyethylene. Main tank : 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500 litre. Rinsing tank : 150 litre. Hand-wash tank integrated into rinsing tank : 15 litre


Operating area

Simple and intuitive operating

All functions are gathered on the same side of the machine. Operating the sprayer using valves fitted with position indicators

Pump and filtration

All TECNOMA sprayers are fitted with a piston-diaphragm pump to ensure a stable flow at a wide volume and pressure range.
Piston-diaphragm pump PM 301 (125 l/min) or PM 400 (150 l/min).
Homogeneous transfer of chemicals is guaranteed.


3 regulations
REGULAIR regulation : regulation by manual pressure adjustment with pneumatic regulator. Once the pressure has been set, it remains constant and the regulator automatically compensates the section cut off without any need for calibrated returns.

ELECTRA regulation : regulation proportional flow to motor (DPM). DPM regulation ensures a constant flow/ha even when engine speed varies. This regulation is particularly suited for applications in parcels whose relief causes variations in the engine and therefore the speed.

TECTRONIC regulation: regulation proportional flow to forward speed (DPAE). For the operator, only one parameter to enter : rate/ha.

The DPAE regulation that operated through a flowmeter is completely independent of the choice of nozzles or the viscosities and densities of the products to be sprayed.  The TECTRONIC allows the user, within the recommended range of use of the nozzles, to vary the advance speeds as desired.

NOVATOP regulation (with GDM boom) : regulation proportional flow to forward speed (DPAE). In addition to the DPAE benefits, NOVATOP, NOVATOP VISIO, ITOP-S, ITOP allows the precision farming/GPS.

GC boom : 12 and15 m

Manual or hydraulic GC booms : 12 and 15 m

Steel boom. Rear cross folding. 3 boom sections (on 12 m) and 4 boom sections (on 15 m). Stainless steel rigid feed and spray lines and Rotoflex swiveling couplings in the boom hinges. PENTAJET nozzle-holders with diaphragm check valve and 2 nozzles within the NOZAL range. ALBATROSS suspension on 15 m version

Overall transport width : 2,49 m on 12 m version and 2,55 m on 15 m version.

GDM boom : 15 and18 m

GDM boom

Hydraulic steel boom. Rear vertical boom folding. 5 boom sections. Flexible feed and spray lines equipped with bushes and grease nipples. Single side folding. PENTAJET nozzle-holders with  diaphragm check valve and 4 nozzles within the NOZAL range.
Hydraulic boom lift with nitrogen accumulator. ALBATROSS suspension

Overall transport width : 2,55 m

hle boom : 15, 16, 18, 20 and 21 m

hle boom

Hydraulic steel boom. Rear lateral boom folding.
4 boom sections (from 15 up to 18 m) and 5 boom sections (20 and 21 m)
Simultaneous folding/unfolding.
PENTAJET nozzle-holders with diaphragm check valve and 2 nozzles within the NOZAL range.
Hydraulic boom lift with nitrogen accumulator.
ALBATROSS suspension

Overall transport width : 2,55 m


Safety / environment protection

  • Accessories and equipment integrated : design, protection and easy cleaning
  • Smooth tank walls to limit waste residues and ease cleaning management
  • Specific shape in case of overflow
  • Clever assembly of the different tanks for complete integration and a more compact size and to ensure low centre of gravity. Rinsing tank positioned in the centre of the main tank and towards the front for better balance and to reduce overhang
  • 3 Lav’ton as standard : rotative washing nozzles for complete rinsing of the main tank
  • Pipe lengh are as short as possible and their diameters are optimized to reduce wasted volume : less product lost, simplified waste management
  • Optional equipments for safety operating : TECFLOW (anti overfilling system)
  • Optional equipements for waste management : AUTONET by gravity or integrated, Hose reel and lance pack (for an external cleaning of the sprayer), boom rinsing without return to tank

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