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Fisheries & Aquaculture Services


Pescares Italia Srl promotes the sustainable use of marine and coastal resources. Amongst these, fisheries resources are the most important form an economic and social perspective worldwide. Pescares is backed by 40 years’ experience in fisheries and aquaculture development of its directors and associates who have worked in all parts of the world.

The name 'PESCARES' stands for Responsible Fisheries, and reflects the company’s commitment to achieve a sustainable and more responsible use of aquatic resources. Pescares is dedicated to implementing the principles recommended in the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Pescares founder and principal consultant, Dr. Wolfgang Krone, served as Head of FAO Fisheries Department and has personally contributed to the international adoption of the Code.

Our services in favour of responsible fisheries include :

  • Advice on policies and programmes for the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture, particularly within the framework of the integrated development of coastal and rural areas.

  • Legal and technical advice on national fishing rights in territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zones.

  • Design of effective resource management schemes for coastal and offshore fisheries, taking into account the ecological, biological, technical and socio-economic factors affecting resource use.

  • Promotion of environmentally friendly technologies and fish catching gear, fish farming and post-harvest activities.

  • Identification and development of fisheries infrastructure including ports, processing, storage and transportation.

  • Identification and development of marketing opportunities and sales strategies for fishery products, especially in the value-added sector.

  • Support and advice to the institutional strengthening of the fisheries sector aimed at the sustainable management of the resources.

  • Assistance in the preparation of national and regional Fisheries Development Plans and Strategies.

  • Professional training in all fisheries and aquaculture related activities.

  • Economic Valuation of natural and anthropogenic impacts on fisheries and aquaculture resources. 

Pescares provides advice and technical assistance to all fisheries-related activities, as well as detailed fisheries information and statistics. The company has a comprehensive knowledge of fisheries legislation and regulations, including the monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing zones.

The company’s team of experts includes specialists in fishing and aquaculture technologies, and in post-harvest activities such as fish preservation and processing, quality control, marketing and trade promotion. Pescares can also provide expert advice on fish trade policies in support of responsible fishing.

Pescaresexperts have worked for many public sector organisations, including major international funding agencies such as the World Bank, the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and a number of private sector clients, including fishery enterprises and insurance companies.

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