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Originate and Produce Services


We originate commodities from all over the world through our extensive network of producers and several joint venture partnerships. In addition we own a number of farms and plantations, notably in North Latin America and South Latin America. Our major farm products are sugarcane, palm, oranges and lemons. We also operate farming land for soy, corn, wheat, cotton and, to a lesser extent, sunflower seeds, peanuts and rice. We firmly believe agricultural land is an essential investment to support our long-term strategy to secure origination for our processing assets and trading activities.

  • We own 90,000 hectares of farm land
  • We operate a further 500,000 hectares
  • At peak season we employ around 18,000 people in our farming operations
  • Through Biosev we operate 330,000 hectares of sugarcane plantations in Brazil
  • Through our Green Eagle partnership we operate over 50,000 planted hectares of palm

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