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Years of experience, a continuous development, and the use of sophisticated and patented technologies when recovering and conditioning the SiC and PEG allows the SiC Group to pass enormous cost savings along to our customers, compared to the usage of only new slurry products.

The process of the SiC Group recovers the relevant recyclable materials of the used slurry in high purity 75% to 90% usable silicon carbide and 90% to 95% polyethylene glycol. In this process the grain size distribution that was affected adversely by the sawing process is corrected and the interfering small parts are sorted out completely. Depending on the agreement, the client gets the conditioned resources (SiC and PEG) separately or mixed together according to its given formulation and enriched with fresh material (ready-made slurry) to be immediately used in the wafer process. This procedure can be indefinitely repeated after the sawing process.

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