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The Aqualog system is a complet digital logging system that provides a systematic overview of your facilities and equipment. The Aqualog system helps you meet your requirements zone in the NS9415 and NYTEK Regulations. The system is easy to use and provides a very good overview of your equipment. Aqualog covers the following areas: Traceability of nets and related service and maintenance. Maintenance of moorings. Maintenance of floaters. Maintenance of equipment in hatcheries and processing facility. Certificates of all relevant equipment. Document your equipment. Documentation of procedures associated with GLOBALGAP.

In addition to that it is legally required, thoroughly documenting many advantages:

  • Easier re-certification of moorings
  • Better overview of the total production costs
  • Paper-free communications maintenance
  • Less administrative work
  • Transperent operating relative to the authorities

To replace mooring lines frequently is an expensive affair. When adequate inspection is enough, it is possible to re-certify the mooring lines when the original certification expires. Using Aqualog to document operation and maintenance will fasilitate the re-certification by an accredited certification body. For more information contact us at [email] harald.tronstad [/ email].

Aqualog can also be used for documenting internal safety and other procedures. The routines can be set up as an activity in Aqualog, so employees will get a checklist on “My Page” on the same line as the inspection and maintenance of equipment. Contact us to discuss how you can document your company’s procedures in Aqualog.

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