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The Ag-Payroll system is a total payroll system developed specifically for agricultural operations. Two versions to meet your payroll needs: WinOne VB and WinOne VB +. The payroll module in WinOne VB is a complete payroll program geared for operations with 1-5 employees. WinOne VB + is a complete payroll program with group as well as individual employee processing for operations with 6 or more employees. The number of employees that can be process is essentially unlimited with this version. Both version of the Ag-Payroll System are designed to meet the needs of agricultural employers. Not only does this program provide different pay types and check-writing capabilities, it also contains a great deal of flexibility in meeting the specific payroll needs of individual producers.

The Ag-Payroll System will (with a minute or two per employee):

  • Increase Availability of Information
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Improve Management Control and Planning
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Profits
  • Simplify the headaches of doing payroll.

The Ag-Payroll System is easy to use with special features like:

  • “Help” Messages throughout Program
  • Screen Control
  • Escape to Exit Anywhere in Program
  • Fast and complete Reports
  • Interfaces with Ag-Finance for a total management system.

Accurate payroll information is essential for a successful operation.

  • Ag-Payroll will help:
  • Comply with Government Tax Reporting
  • Requirements
  • Provide summarized labor reports at any time during the year
  • Aid in Planning for the Future
  • Keep Track of Different Types of Labor Expenses
  • Track I-9 information, with documentation expiration dates

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