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DHI-Plus Herd Management Software is the most complete herd management and analysis tool on the market. The DHI-Plus solution helps you focus on cows that need attention—low-producing cows, high somatic-cell cows, cows ready for breeding, etc.

DHI-Plus software is a powerful data entry, processing, analysis and reporting tool for effective herd managment. You can analyze vital information on low-producing, high somatic-cell count, and breeding-ready cows.

This is the perfect tool for entering your test-day results, your way:

  • Design your own data input screens that match your reporting forms.
  • Seamlessly process test-day results and also create a secure backup of herd data by using your local Internet connection.
  • Create graphs of the Herd Summary or of Custom Report data, to chart string or group data and other information.
  • Selling a cow or group of cows? Design and print engaging custom cow reports that include the animal's vital information.

DHI-Plus software contains a powerful Cohort Analysis reporting tool for analyzing cohort groups by month, among other variables, such as cows calved, string, somatic cell count, and much more. This report enables dairy producers to monitor the effects of management practices and changes during the transition period, as well as at other points in lactation.


We've developed an analysis and planning tool to help you make more informed business decisions with your dairy.

Herd Analysis Package

The Herd Analysis Package in DHI-Plus software produces the Herd Inventory and Financial Projection Report which takes the guesswork out your herd analysis and planning every month. It helps you leverage current herd information, make a projected management decision and then see the proposed results of that decision. This takes profitablity projection to a whole new level. Plus, your banker and accountant will love the data provided by this report.


x-Plus drug tracking module for DHI-Plus software, is perfect for maintaining FDA regulation compliance and improving or enhancing herd health resulting in better milk production. For more, see the Rx-Plus module product page.

Customize Your Reports

Use easy drag-and-drop tools to build custom reports. DHI-Provo provides an exclusive tool called Field Emphasis that uses colors for consistently marking specific areas of importance. Customize by selecting the information category you want on your report, and simply drag it to the report customizer.

Personal Herd Profile

DHI-Plus software uses a Personal Herd Profile tool to compare your herd to other herds in your county, state and region using a Personal Herd Profile that can include over 10 years of Herd Summary data.


DHI-Plus software gives herd managers extensive adaptibility. Integrated with other amazing solutions developed by DHI-Provo, you can take your data anywhere on a rugged mobile device and also remotely coordinate your herd management with consultants and technicians. For more, see our entireHerd Management Solution.

Your Bottom Line

DHI-Plus software can empower you by streamlining herd management into cost-saving results.

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