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Improve efficiencies and optimize harvesting yields. Ensure operations are running smoothly at this important time of the year with Fieldin’s real-time harvest management. The solution collects field data to optimize the entire harvesting process, enabling real-time geo tracking of shaking, sweeping, picking and loading activities.

  1. Data collection Fieldin’s smart sensors are installed on the machinery
  2. 2 Analysis All the data is transmitted to the Fieldin Platform and analysed together with all the machinery that works in parallel
  3. 3 Decision making Recommendations and conclusions are displayed in the dashboard for real-time control and analytics

Scouting app
  • Ability to mark the number of mummies per tree in each block
  • Field report summary including personal notes and photos with auto geo-tagging
Operational view
  • Complete situational view of activities down to the block level: trees per shift, seconds per tree, seconds per shaking and acres/hour
  • Days from sweeping to shaking; days from shaking to picking
  • Avoidance of mechanical damage during shaking activities
  • Comparison of shakers, operators and blocks
  • Automated efficiency reports for each task

Data analysis

  • Indication of outstanding activities, including waiting time, shaking time, missing trees
  • Summary reports: cost analysis and operator efficiency
  • Yield mapping
  • History for each block to better plan the following year’s harvesting operations.

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