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Gtp.serra is one of Gesag’s core products and it has been developed for the horticulture industry, that is, it is a complete business management system specifically for greenhouse growers and commercial nurseries. It has all the tools garden centers need to succeed because this software solution is really made out of experience!

Gtp.serra is quite an innovative software solution, providing specific features for your company management. The fact that is a complete and efficient software doesn’t necessarily mean that it is complex and time wasting; on the contrary, it is very quick and easy to use, as it has been developed together with companies and for the companies themselves.

Using Gtp.serra results in reduction of management costs, resources optimization, production cycles monitoring and effective productivity.

Moreover, Gtp.serra integrates perfectly with Sigma accounting software solution, forming a quite efficient ERP system to be used from production through accounting, and interfaces with Gtp.TS , which is to be used via portable hand held unit.

The main features are the following:

  • stock plants, adjustments, physical counts, material and activity requirements management
  • production planning
  • warehouse stock
  • supplier and customer order
  • shipping and logistics
  • automated invoicing and payment deadline
  • plant ID certificate
  • agents
  • management control, profits and expenses
  • organic farming
  • customizable labels


Crop management is the heart of Gtp.serra. Here you will control your crop’s growing cycle with functions like stock plants, adjustments, physical counts, material and activity requirements, and much more. This module is filled with reports that allow you to see availability, capacity planning, crop analysis, planned vs. actual and more. Based off production schedules, it will tell you what you need to plant or transplant.

Within the module, all levels of the production process (sowing, plant protection intervention, transplanting, watering, …) can be easily managed. Simply entering all data about batches, equipment, resources, machines and labour you are able to analyse all aspects of the production and you can choose among different kinds print templates, so that you are perfectly aware of what you have done and what you haven’t yet.

The Plant Protection function is a quite innovative and appreciated one. It is based on an up-to-date list of chemicals allowed in Italy according to specific phitosanitary measures. In this way it is possible to use chemicals properly and to avoid harvesting while the active ingredients may still be quite dangerous for your health. The reliability of the data is guaranteed by the cooperation with BDF - Banca Dati AgroFarmaci (for further information please visit the website at

Quality control tools are based on the most meaningful Good Agricultural Practice standards and are quite useful in managing required documentation for organic crops production, traceability or specific agricultural interventions. Moreover, Gtp.serra allows to record all information about the product, providing subsequently an ID label for each of them.


Standard key features can be summed up as follows: stock status management, auto charge calculation and invoice, detailed movement history/archive, tracking and detailed stock and location reporting. Among the advanced features it’s worth to underline the strict relationship between warehouse stock and the amount of material to be used in the agricultural interventions, so that you will know any urgent order to be placed to your supplier. Moreover, the powerful packaging management is one of the strong points of our software: no more containers or pallets will be lost or left unpaid.


The Sales module has been thought to for the management of the external relationships of the company , covering all aspects of marketing: all information about clients and suppliers, freight bills and invoices, payments, order fulfilment and freight costs. It is provided with powerful tools for quite important marketing and product analysis, like sales periodical reports, bill books and accounting. Moreover, customizable report templates and shipping labels surely make Gtp.serra a complete management software solution.

The Customer Orders function allows you to enter customer orders and provides a wide range of tools that will allow you to view your customer’s requirements as well as pull, ship and invoice these orders. This module is packed with functions developed to maintain customer information, freight matrices, royalty charges and more. This module also has a number of add-on features that can help you plan harvest and shipping and allows lots of different analysis based on customer, datetime, kind of crop, and so on. It really makes handling of customers’ orders manageable even in the busiest of operations.

With Agents function it is possible to check the work of your agents and see the related profits and expenses. On the other hand, Gtp.serra can be used by agents anywhere to directly place an order simply using a portable computer, so that production is effectively and correctly planned and any order to suppliers is immediately placed, reducing mistakes and waste of time. It will be easy to fulfil orders in time!

If you use the Cash Desk function you can automate retail interfacing your cash register with Gtp.serra in order to provide immediately the receipt to your customers.


This module allows to schedule transportation and delivery in a very quick but detailed way: for example, it reminds you of the route of the carriers, lets you print the corresponding plant labels or fills in the required documentation (freight bills, invoices, …).

Management control

In this module it possible to analyse the way resources, machines, equipment, material and labour are involved in the production process, the productiveness and profitability of the fields, available plots (production planning) and the subsequent financial impact on the company.

This is the very software solution based off experience! Easy to learn, easy to use!
Softwares are often quite complex and difficult to work with, especially if you are not familiar with computers… On the contrary, Gesag Gtp.serra provides a simple and exhaustive tool to manage your company day by day fitting all your needs.

Gtp.agri is compatible with Office applications and can be used by more than one client at a time.

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