- Herd Management for Traditional Dairies



Scout is designed specifically for dairies under 200 milking animals. It is a menu driven, user friendly way to keep all of your herd management records in one place and easily accessible. Quick, easy data entry is where it starts. A few minutes a day is all it will take to generate the work lists you need. Examples of some of these lists are: Cows to Breed, Cows to Dry Off, Cows to Check for Pregnancy and Cows to give prostaglandin shots.

In addition to management work lists, summaries and graphs can be generated to quickly identify key monitoring parameters in reproduction, production, and disease incidence.

Dairies make decisions on their herd every day. Scout makes it quicker and easier to make the right ones.

Scout can be operated along with any DHIA testing program or used as stand-alone herd management software.

  • Comprehensive tracking and analysis capabilities:
    Production, Reproduction, Treatments, Synchronization Programs
  • Traditional work lists and summaries
  • Quick, easy data entry
  • Affordable

Upgrading to Dairy Comp 305

  • Scout users can upgrade easily to Dairy Comp 305 or Dairy Comp LS without losing or re-keying any data.

Getting Started

The first step is to tell us a little about your dairy business. We want to know who you are, what kind of hardware you are using, and what herd management work lists and management parameters are important to you.

At that time, we may contact you to clarify any information on the questionnaire, or we may just contact you to tell you that the process is moving along.

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Windows 8 , Windows 7, or Windows VISTA
  • CD ROM drive, 2 available USB ports, modem or Internet access, and printer

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