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Agrometer SDS 7000 Self-propelled Dribble Bar Slurry Spreader -Video

The Agrometer slurry spreading system - more benefits, much more considerate!

Better uptake of nutrients:
The low self-weight of the machine makes it possible to operate it on quite wet lands. Therefore you can enter your fields at an earlier stage than with a normal slurry tanker.
This extends your spreading period and provides your crops with a better nutrient uptake.

No smell and no muddy roads:
Even if you spread slurry from early morning till late in the evening, your neighbours and surroundings will barely notice. Since the slurry continuously is being pumped via pipes and hoses, you will not annoy them with smelly tankers driving around in the neighbourhood and soiling up the public roads.
In addition you also lower your costs for fuel and tires.

High capacity with a minimum of manpower:
When the system has been set up, operation can be carried out by just one person. The DP/APV pump unit is operated through a wireless remote control, and monitored by a an automatic safety system which terminates operation in case of failure.

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