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Hortech - Rapid SL Compact VIdeo

Self - propelled harvesting machine.

Rapid SL is a self propelled machine for the harvest of vegetables. It is equipped with a diesel engine Kubota 37KW/50HP, with automatic pilot and with iron caterpillar tracks, which allow a regular forward movement on any kind of soil (wet soil, soil with uneven surface). Rapid SL can harvest on already mulched soil, on bare soil, on beds or on flat ground too.
It can be personalized according to the customer's requirements. The harvesting elements are independent from each other and they are placed in the front of the machine. Each harvesting element is equipped with conveyor belts and with a serrated disc. The cutting height is controlled by an electronic sensor placed near the cutting disc. The product such as salads can be carried by belts to a work surface for the cleaning and for the grade. It is then packed into boxes which are put on pallets.
Rapid SL allows to reduce the costs for the workforce and to ameliorate the working conditions and the working organisation. The harvesting machine Rapid SL is different from the other harvesting system that is to say the Rapid SR because its harvesting bar allows to harvest the product keeping it intact even if it is very delicate.
We suggest this kind of harvesting system to farmers who work for the fresh market and who want to clean the product such as lettuce, iceberg, etc. directly on the field. The Rapid SL harvesting bar thanks to its compact form allows to harvest vegetables that were planted very close that is to say minimum 25 cm distance between rows.

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