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  • Vetpack for Nutritional Management System
    Showcase Product

    Vetpack for Nutritional Management System

    By eCow Ltd.

    When a herd of cows has a nutritional problem, it is hard to see what it is. SARA is a common diagnosis but where is the evidence? Very often the diet formulation looks OK but as we know, silage varies through the ...

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  • Agroptima, S.L

    Agroptima, S.L

    Agroptima is a farm management software and mobile app that farmers use to increase profitability and crop yields. We are empowering farmers with the ...

  • Agrovision B.V.

    Agrovision B.V.

    With AgroVision you are ready for the future. AgroVision supplies specialised software for the international agricultural sector. We are quick to ...

  • DairyLive - a brand by Living Software, Inc.

    DairyLive - a brand by Living Software, Inc.

    Since DairyLive was introduced in 1999, dairy professionals from around the United States and the world have been impressed with its ease of use and ...

  • FarmMaven


    FarmMaven builds advanced, information technology-based products for the agriculture industry. The software/hardware engineering company is driven by ...

  • Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc. is building a Fitbit for dairy cows. Our team has developed an advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) system to help dairy farmers improve ...