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  • Self Propelled, Self Loading Mixer
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    Self Propelled, Self Loading Mixer

    By Jones Equipment Company, LLC

    The fastest chopper in the world that boasts the advantage of maintaining fiber structure for all your roughage. Built in conveyer with three optional positions for best and most efficiently delivery of food. Fully ...

  • Not Enriched Layer Cages
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    Not Enriched Layer Cages

    By Hellmann Poultry GmbH & Co. KG

    The Hellmann cage systems for layers are designed for the wellbeing of both the hen and the egg, and they are made of durable material, almost exclusively made in Germany. The wellbeing of the hens is given by designing ...

  • Stock Recorder
    Showcase Product

    Stock Recorder

    By Shearwell Data Ltd.

    Recommended for its speed and accuracy in recording livestock data. With its built-in RFID tag reader, you can use it to record breeding, births, weights, treatments, movements and much more. It’s great out on the ...

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  • Gesag


    We develop agricultural software solutions and ERP to easily monitor processing activities and provide product traceability and analysis.

  • Farm Works Information Management

    Farm Works Information Management

    Farm Works Software was founded in 1980 as a software development company to serve the needs of farmers and agribusinesses. Innovative office ...

  • Farmdata Ltd

    Farmdata Ltd

    FARMdata has been designing and maintaining financial and management systems for over thirty years. This has given us unrivalled experience in the ...

  • Plan-A-Head Software

    Plan-A-Head Software

    Our mission is to enable our customers to profitably manage their businesses by providing the best agricultural and commercial decision making and ...



    AGDATA was established in 1984 to meet an identifiable need for user friendly software with a focus on agriculture. This was done to overcome the ...