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  • ‘Redesign’ aquaculture for the future says funder

    THE aquaculture industry needs a ‘complete redesign’ if it is to meet a global requirement to triple production by 2050 and feed a growing world population.That is the thinking behind Aqua-Spark, the Netherlands based aquaculture fund that invests in sustainable growth in the sector.Amy Novogratz, speaking on the opening day of the Aquaculture Innovation Europe

  • Talking Water with Hamish Munro

    Hamish is a fifth-generation farmer from Cumnock, NSW who manages his own beef trading and cropping production property. Like any livestock farmer, Hamish relies heavily on water availability, and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Centralized Hatchery Feeders

    Centralized Hatchery Feeders

    The OCEA centralized hatchery feeder is capable of distributing feed to all tanks in a hatchery from a central position. Feed is distributed from the feeder to each tank by 20 mm PE pipes. Single feed doses even as small as 1 gram are blown to the tanks according to the desired feeding schedule. The hatchery feeder can handle feed particles from 4 mm down to crumbled feed.