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  • Automated Seed Phenotyping with the Vibe QM3 [WEBINAR]

    Automated Seed Phenotyping with the Vibe QM3 [WEBINAR]

    Join Dr. Edwin Reidel, Co-Founder of CID Agtech, Inc. and Mr. Ron Hadar, Chairman of Vibe Imaging Analytics to learn how the Vibe QM3 can help you to quickly count, measure, and classify seeds and grains based on size and color characteristics.Compared to tedious manual sorting and subjective visual inspection, the work in your lab will instantly become more objective and repeatable with the ...


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  • Electrolysis System

    Electrolysis System

    Output 5 – 45 kg/h of chlorine. Chlorinsitu IIa XL is the recently developed tubular cell electrolysis system for in situ production of large quantities of hypochlorite. It is convincing with its ease of operation and outstanding efficiency combined with optimum process stability for the reliable disinfection of large volumetric flows.