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Potato Processor


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A major potato processor was faced with odor and downstream land application difficulties.


After reviewing their wastewater treatment process, the source of their problems was identified as a high strength recycle stream, comprised of filtrate and spray bar water from the vacuum drum filters. This stream was being returned to the clarifier and causing the strong odors and significant impacts on the land treatment system.

A Hydrocal pilot unit was tested on the recycle stream. The unit was run on a 24-hour per day basis to develop performance data and to evaluate the effects of treatment on their system. Highly favorable results lead to a full-scale installation of a HydroCal CAF-50 stainless steel unit.

After the CAF installation, both the odor and land application problems were solved. The HydroCal CAF unit successfully treats the recycle stream from the de-watering equipment, achieving consistently high reductions in total suspended solids, BOD and oil & grease levels. The elimination of high strength recycle streams from the process enabled the treatment system to function as originally designed.

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