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Root vegetables harvest and farm development


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Root vegetables season

The autumn start is the time when vegetable producers have a lot of work. A collection of vegetables begins. Tension and nerves are often associated with it. All because the priority for farmers is to collect crops for which they worked hard all year round. It is important to make a good choice and select the machines suitable to your needs and four farm requirements. During the harvest season, such a machine will certainly be a root vegetables harvester.

Best machines for vegetables harvest and grow

WEREMCZUK company has almost 40 years of experience in supporting Polish and worldwide vegetables farming business. Creating and  introducing new machines and better solutions to the agriculture, increase farms efficiency and improve their profitability. WEREMCZUK company cares for the agriculture development. The offer for vegetable farmers is designed both for growing and harvesting vegetables.

Top lifting trailed harvester

Particularly, the top-lifting root vegetable harvesters- ALINA SUPERNOVA and ALINA ECO II are noteworthy. These machines ensure high quality root vegetables crop like carrot, parsley, parsnip, beetroot and celery.

Harvesters Alina Supernova and Alina ECO II guarantee a smooth crop intake by efficient haulm gatherers and effective haulm removing unit. The risk of crop losses and picking unit blockages is reduced to a minimum. The cleaning unit ensures vegetables best quality.

ALINA SUPERNOVA is suitable for larger vegetable cultivation areas with high crop. It is compatible with tractor having minimum 80HP and with various kinds of trailers.
ALINA ECO II is recommended for small and medium areas. Harvester are equipped with digging function, haulm ripping, conveyor for transporting your crop to the trailer and independent hydraulic system.

Self-propelled two-row carrot harvester

WEREMCZUK company has also machines for the farmers who grow vegetables on larges areas. Self-propelled harvester MAXIMUS  surely meets their expectations.  It guarantees reliable work and many years of use. A wide range of adjustment allows adapt the harvester to work with different crop types ensuring a very good quality. We invite you to our channel on YouTube, where you can see how the harvester work.

MAXIMUS is equipped with digging function, haulm ripping, and 3-lelements rotary conveyor for transporting crop to the trailer. It has durable construction, adjustable front wheel and  independent operating and control of picking units. Picking belts speed and working speed is synchronized automatically. The application of sound-proof and air-conditioned cabin guarantees the most comfortable working conditions. The harvester is also equipped with an ecological and economical diesel engine.

Vegetables harvested with top-lifting WEREMCZUK harvesters should be intended for a fresh market and for storage.

Root-topper for immediate processing

Root-topper and haulm crusher BONA is a good and economic solution for carrot, parsley and parsnip which are intended for immediate processing. Hard and durable construction guarantees failure-free work by many years of using.

Bona is effective and easy to use. High speed and flexible flails guarantee clean work with high output. Haulm crusher is suitable also for strawberries, chives and beets. Different machines versions are available.

Ideal growing conditions

Except machines designed for harvesting vegetables, WEREMCZUK also offers machinery for growing. The offer includes AUR machines for a deep soil opening with ridges or beds forming and MR –  a ridge forming machines with an active mechanically-driven roller.  Using this machines, the vegetables have perfectly formed ridges and ideally prepared soil for growing. Now, you can sowing seeds with MAX PNEUMATIC precise seeder giving the best conditions for further growth.

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