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Vermicompost as an accelerator of methane production

The influences of different vermicompost concentrations of 8.33, 4.35 and 0.9%, respectively (based on TS), on the CH4 production, Specific Methanogenic Activities (SMAs) of the anaerobic sludge, pH and COD removal were investigated. A maximum cumulative CH4 production of 874 ml/L fermentation liquor was obtained from the experiment with vermicompost concentration of 8.33% which increased by 40.3% when compared with the control, and a maximum SMA of 295.9 mg COD CH4/g VS•d was achieved which increased by 45% relative to the control. The results also showed that vermicompost could enhance the COD removal and improve the buffering capacity of anaerobic digestion system.

Keywords: vermicompost concentrations, anaerobic digestion, methane production, accelerators, COD removal, chemical oxygen demand, buffering capacity

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