Sustainable Forestry Challenges for Developing Countries

This volume addresses the acute challenges of sustainable forestry with emphasis on the developing countries. Sustainability is analyzed from its diametrically opposite deforestation point of view. A multilevel approach is adopted to take into account that the causes of deforestation occur at the local, national and international levels. Accordingly, the volume contains contributions at global, continental, national, and subnational levels. The contributions are also of a multidisciplinary character and represent issues such as forest economics and policy, forest mensurations and inventory, tropical silviculture, land use economics, environmental economics and history, as well as geography and political history. One of the aims of this volume is to present a collective analysis of deforestation and sustainability using the most up-to-date, reliable and valid empirical data. The authors have been among the first scientists in the world to have had access to the new FORIS database recently established by the FAO. Audience: Foresters, environmentalists, conservationists, development workers, policy makers, researchers, students and teachers.
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