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  • Aspersion Systems

  • Static Bars

    Static Bars

    Static bars allow to easily realize a fixed system in greenhouse or in open area with a total reliability. Bars consist of a 35mm hot-galvanized pipe, with rapid brass connecting unions, swift hooking with a 90° rotation, closing lock and bases where screwing the nozzle. Bases for nozzles insert can be made of brass or thermoplastic resin. First brass bases are welded to the pipes and then threaded in order to assure the perfect line of the...

  • Stiff PVC Bars

    Stiff PVC Bars

    Stiff PVC bars are 6 metres in lenght with a diameter of 32 mm. Type PN6, PN10 or PN16. There are two types of connecting unions:Sticking unions, Unions with metal ring that can be dismantled. Bars have threaded holes for inserting the nozzle, with pitch from 0,50mt to 3mt and 3/8 w thread; other screw threads on demand. A great variety of specific PVC unions, anchor hooks, anti-dripping valves, plugs are available. There are many types of...

  • Micro-Irrigators On Rod

    Micro-Irrigators On Rod

    They are a very cheap solution for the irrigation system with microirrigators. It is possible to use each type of nozzle provided with clutch base and rod slot. Rods are in plastic reinforced by incorporated fiberglass with a height until 1 mt or in aluminium with a height of 150cm, 200cm, 300cm.

  • Drop Systems

  • Model UA - Button Drippers

    Model UA - Button Drippers

    Inspectionable botton-drippers, with ranges from 1 to 8 litres/h. They are used for cultivations in the open field and container with medium lenght lines and with limited differences of level. Inside the dripper there is a little disk with a small labyrinth impressed, which helps to compensate the outlet and keep it constant, even with little pressure variations; moreover the variation of the flow limits the dirt deposit and accordingly it...

  • Model UA - Auto Compensating Drippers

    Model UA - Auto Compensating Drippers

    Auto-compensating drippers stop range variations in case of considerable slopes of the cultivation or important load losses of the pipe. Thanks to a special internal membrane and to the labyrinth way of proceeding, the going out water quantity keeps constant also with considerable differences of pressure. Inside the dripper the labyrinth-run creates a turbulent water motion, which removes all the little dirt deposits. Derivations with 2 or 4...

  • Model UA - Auto Compensating Anti Drainage Drippers

    Model UA - Auto Compensating Anti Drainage Drippers

    Auto-compensating and anti-drainage drippers are similar to the auto-compensating ones, but with the addition of a special membrane, which close the outlet when the pressure falls below a fixed value (0,3-0,5-0,8-1,2 Bar). At the closure of the hydric flow, it prevents water contained in the pipes, from discharging into the last drippers, even with steep dripping lines. This system is very important for cultivations outside ground, which could...

  • Systems for Parks and Gardens

  • Static Irrigators

    Static Irrigators

    Static pop-up irrigators with variable regulation of the working angle from 0° to 360°. Shell and piston made of strong shock-resistant plastic. Anti-sand seal. Strong stainless steel spring. Assembled standard filter. Clutch piston for an easy regulation after the assembly.Screw for range regulation. Recommended for irrigating small and medium green areas. Nozzle that can be dismantled.

  • Dynamic Irrigators

    Dynamic Irrigators

    Lifting height: cm 12,50. Shell and piston made of strong shock-resistant plastic. Oil-bath, airtight seal turbine. New formulation anti-sand seal. Anti-sand filter. High resistance, stainless steel re-entry spring. Area or full turn funtioning. Equipped with 6 standard nozzles for a large range of applications and 4 low trajectory nozzles on demand. Easy insertion and disconnection of the nozzle.