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  • AGRI-TRAC - Traction Milling

    AGRI-TRAC - Traction Milling

    AGRI-TRAC Inc. / AGRI-TRAC US provides 'TRACTION MILLING' as a alternative solution to slippery concrete floors and lameness prevention differently than diamond grooving, scarifying, scabbling and rubber. Full surface 'TRACTION MILLING' provides a positive traction surface which prevents the slip from starting minimizing the potential for hoof damage.

  • AGRI TRAC - Rollerbug Concrete Surface Finish

    AGRI TRAC - Rollerbug Concrete Surface Finish

    ROLLERBUG is a full surface finish that can be put into the concrete at the time the concrete is being poured. Some people think the only solution to prevent lameness is to pour smooth concrete and then as the first step following the hardening is to groove the concrete.  Rather than paying for the labour of both processes, this process allows you to create gored concrete as it hardens.