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  • Secondary Elevator

    Secondary Elevator

    When your stacker speed limits your mill’s production capacity, a secondary elevator can be an appealing solution. This very simple machine makes it possible to continue stacking lumber while your stacker's (primary) elevator descends with a full bundle, then waits until the bundle is released from the forks before going back up. Using a simple control system, the secondary elevator can transfer bundles that are already under way to the primary...

  • Trimmer

  • Multisaw  Trimmer

    Multisaw Trimmer

    First, we developed a high speed multisaw trimmer that can handle your highest production rates. In standard configuration, saws are placed every foot with a 10 hp motor for every saw, two frame panels that serve as maintenance walkways, and saw modules that are quick and easy to maintain. Plus, in our design the chain circles back beneath the waste conveyor to ensure that rejects quickly fall onto the belt and, most importantly, do not become stuck...

  • Tandem Saw Trimmer

    Tandem Saw Trimmer

    We also offer two tandem saw trimmer models: a classic “Canadian” trimmer and an adjustable saw model. The first model requires two operators—one to cut the first end and another on the other side of the machine to cut the other end of the board after a series of chains and rollers push it through. This type of trimmer is still quite common in hardwood and other mills. The second type of trimmer is similar to the multisaw model but...

  • Log Transfer

    Log Transfer

    Carbotech International is a known leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of lumber handling equipment for material in all sizes and quantities. Because transfers are essential to any processing plant, we offer a wide selection of custom designs to efficiently and economically handle timber, sawlogs, boards, or bundles using chains, rollers, or belts.

  • Boardfeeder


    To maximize the productivity of your plant, it is essential that the efficiency of your lug loader be optimal: there is no point in speeding up your line if each lug is not filled. Carbotech International now offers you a lug loader with the features you have been looking for: performance, simplicity, reliability and solid. This patented lug loader – of the rotary type – uses pneumatic actuators to load, support and stop the boards. This...

  • Log Unscrambler

    Log Unscrambler

    Carbotech International is known as the leader in the design, fabrication and installation of boards and logs handling equipments. According to diameter, lenght and piece count, Carbotech will evaluate your needs and will propose you the perfect unscrambler to satisfy your needs.