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  • Timber Tamer

  • Timber Tamer - Excavator

    Timber Tamer - Excavator

    The Timber Tamer turns your excavator into a giant brutal bush-hog. Environmentally friendly, versatile, rugged. Low maintenance - Quick changeovers. Cost effective - Cuts up to 14' diameter.

  • Timber Tamer - Model Mini Series - Mini-Excavator

    Timber Tamer - Model Mini Series - Mini-Excavator

    The Mini Series of the Timber Tamer turns your mini-excavator into a versatile bushhog, allowing you to go where your tractor pulled bushhog can’t. It's perfect for use in maintaining right of ways, cutting overhanging limbs, as well as mowing ditch banks and wet areas.

  • Thumbs

  • D&E - Excavator Thumbs

    D&E - Excavator Thumbs

    Our excavator thumbs are constructed of high tempered steel to withstand the full force of the bucket. Like the thumb on your hand, this thumb allows the bucket to grasp objects, making it an excellent tool for loading brush, logs, or debris. Thumbs are easy to attach, and fold out of the way when not in use. There are many sizes available to fit your backhoe or excavator.

  • Rakes

  • D&E - Hydraulic Loader Rakes

    D&E - Hydraulic Loader Rakes

    The hydraulic loader rake will add power and grip to your loader for heavy-duty raking, stacking or loading.We can build to any length or tines thickness requested.

  • Grapples

  • D&E - Rotating Grapples

    D&E - Rotating Grapples

    Grapples are manufactured per customers request, as far as size, width, length, and thickness of tines. Can be pinned and sized from the smallest to the largest of excavator types, and manufacturers. Standard is stiff-arm type, without hydraulics. Hydraulic cylinder, instead of stiff-arm, is also available.