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  • Kubota - Model BX1870 - Tractor

    Kubota - Model BX1870 - Tractor

    The Kubota diesel engines of the BX-Series tractors have several very important advantages over gasoline-powered engines. First: torque. Diesel engines offer greater torque giving them far more power. They are also less likely to slow down or stall when pushed to their limits.They boast far lower fuel consumption than gasoline engines—typically using 20% to 30% less fuel. They typically require far less maintenance, and don’t require the...

  • Landpride - Model 3P500 - 3-Point Min-Till Compact Dril

    Landpride - Model 3P500 - 3-Point Min-Till Compact Dril

    The 3P500 5' 3-Point Min-Till drill is designed to get into places big drills simply can't; like wooded areas, orchards, and vineyards. These excel when seeding into fully prepared and minimum tillage plots. Add the optional small seeds box and plant two different seeds at the same time. The 3P500 is ground driven and features 4-speed gearboxes for fast seed rate changes. The rugged 00 Series openers provide accurate and consistent seed placement plus...